8 Telltale Signs You Have Hard Water in Your Home

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If you have hard water, you should consider installing a water softener system for your home. Hard water can have a negative effect on your family and your belongings in many ways. If you are in doubt of whether your home water is indeed hard, you should look for several clues. Here are a few telltale signs that you have hard water in the home and could benefit from a water softener.
1. Your Water Faucets Have a Low Flow
If the water from your bathroom and kitchen faucets is not flowing freely, or if your faucets seem to have a low flow, hard water may be to blame. When water becomes hard due to a buildup of calcium, magnesium, and other mineral deposits, the pipes may become clogged. A clogged water pipe may result in a low flow of water.
2. Your Fixtures, Sinks, and Tiles Hold Residue
More than soap scum, hard-to-remove scale or film is often due to hard water. Also, take a good look at your faucets or fixtures. Do you notice a greenish limescale deposit? This is most likely due to hard water. Finally, rust-colored stains on your porcelain sinks and toilet bowl also indicate hard water.
3. Your Tap Water Tastes Odd
Hard water often tastes metallic due to the excessive amount of minerals. Iron in particular may make the water taste metallic. If your water pipes have accumulated a large degree of scale buildup due to hard water, you may notice a mud-like or even moldy taste from the tap.
4. Your Laundry Seems Dull or Grimy
When you do the wash in hard water, your clothes may be left with a soapy residue. Hard water doesn't rinse your clothing effectively. As a result, your laundry may not get as clean or may wear out more quickly. If you don’t have a water softener, then be sure to follow laundering instructions for hard water.
5. Your Skin Feels Itchy and Dry
Have you or your family members been experiencing dry or itchy skin? If so, look to your water. Bathing or washing in hard water may be irritating, especially to those with sensitive skin. This irritation is due to the minerals in the water. If you suffer from eczema or other skin issues, hard water may make your symptoms worse.
6. Your Hair Seems Dull or Dingy
Do you notice that everyone in your household seems to have dull-looking hair? The minerals in hard water may make it difficult for water to rinse completely from your hair. When shampoos and conditioners are not thoroughly rinsed from the hair, residue left behind can make hair limp, dull, or unclean.
7. Your Blood Pressure Is on the Rise
While high blood pressure may be caused by several health factors, some research shows a correlation between drinking hard water and hypertension. Those who already have adequate levels of iron and magnesium are more likely to be at risk. If high blood pressure concerns you, talk to your doctor about the potential benefits of adding a water softening system to your home.
8. Your Household Appliances Don’t Run Efficiently
Hard water can have a negative impact on your household appliances, such as your washer, dishwasher, or water heater. When minerals from the hard water accumulate on appliances, the sediment may clog valves or cause other issues. Appliances may wear down more quickly as well.
Now that you can see some of the problems caused by hard water, you may want to have a water softener system professionally installed in your home. Request a water analysis today, and then ask your representative how you may benefit from such a system.