Fresh, Clean and Filtered Water Systems in Kansas and Missouri

At Hague Quality Water of Kansas City, Inc., home water treatments are our specialty. Our high quality products, Gold Seal standard under the Water Quality Association, are the best. From water softeners to reverse osmosis products, we have them all - so that you can have peace of mind about the water you drink and use daily.
How Can We Help You?

Water Testing Process

Our team of water testers can help you identify the problems that exist with the water coming into your home. There are three types of water that we all utilize daily: (1) Utility Grade Water: for watering plants and lawns, (2) Working Grade Water: for bathing, washing clothing and for use in appliances, and (3) Life Support Water: for drinking and cooking. Water is usually piped into a home from one of two sources (1) Municipal (City) Water, or (2) Well Water, which is used when a home has access to groundwater stored in aquifers. Our team members are experts in the field of providing solutions to common water problems, including hard water buildup, red coloring or staining which typically occurs from iron found in well-water, calcium buildup that appears as soap scum, and clogged plumbing.
Different problems can exist in your water, depending upon the type and source of water that is being supplied to the home. Our water testers provide in-home demonstrations to show you the exact condition of your water. They can then tailor a solution that will provide your family with the best quality water, within a budget that you can afford.

Areas We Service

We serve the Kansas City area including Kansas City, Kansas, North Kansas City, Liberty, Gladstone, Lee Summit, Independence, Olathe, Overland Park, Bonner Springs, Tonganoxie, Lawrence, Topeka, Manhattan, Junction City, Blue Springs, Parkville, St. Joseph and surrounding areas.
Everyone deserves the gift of clean water. Call today to book your water test.

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