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    • Isn’t Water Just Water?
      In fact, there are three kinds of water. Utility-grade water, working-grade water, and drinking water are all available. Utility-grade water is suitable for irrigating your lawn and plants. It normally does not require any water treatment. Because it travels through your plumbing, fixtures, and water-using appliances, Working Grade Water must be of better quality. A complete home water filtration system is required to help these vital household systems last longer and save you money. Water is an essential part of our daily life. The water we drink and use in our cooking must be of the highest quality because the human body is 70% water.
    • Do I Need to Get My Water Tested?
      Yes. This should involve tests for hardness, iron, and chlorine, at the very least. As always, the water testing is free and done by your independent Hague dealer who has the necessary tools. A person from the Hague may also illustrate the advantages of clean water through a water filtration system.
    • What if I Go On Vacation or Have Guests
      You do not need to adjust, alter, or modify anything because of the Watermax® Systems Control. There will be no recharge if no water is used. If you have visitors, the rapid charge option helps the system to keep up with the extra demand.
    • Why Don’t All Water Treatment Manufacturers Offer a 25 Year Warranty?
      Nobody beats Our quality. Ask your independent Hague dealer about it today.