Customer Reviews

“For any of my past experiences as a customer on the other line, I would highly put my faith and fortunes into this professional company. Although I am unable to get the installation at this time, Hague is without question a top priority, moving forward. Everyone on this beautiful planet deserves the highest quality of water! Thank you for all you do and God speed!” – Amber E.
“I love my water filtration equipment. My water feels soft, and the reverse osmosis water tastes great. Randy installed my equipment last May. He was very professional and was very knowledgeable of the equipment. I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking to improve their water quality.” – Steven M.
“I had to write a review regarding my recent experience with Hague in Olathe. Matt took very good care of us. I requested a water test which was performed the next day and the guy took his time to answer all of our questions. We had so many questions I was worried he was going to throw his hands up and leave but he was patient and very thorough. After the water test we immediately decided to give the system a try. We noticed a difference after a few days and were impressed with how wonderful our reverse osmosis water tasted. Their customer service has treated us very well and are happy to know we will be taken care of in the future. I want to give a special thanks to Matt and especially Tom.” – Brandi M.
“After a close friend of mine had a Hague WaterMax installed, I decided to have them come out and test my water for free. At first I wasn't interested in an entire water filtration system for my home, just a clean water source at the kitchen sink. After seeing how hard our water was, the amount of chlorine, and the “mysterious unknown” items floating around in our water, my husband and I decided we wanted all of our water to be treated.

One water test which caught my attention was when the gentleman took a glass of our tap water, swooshed it in his mouth for 4 seconds, and then spit it back in the glass and then performed a chlorine test. The chlorine was almost entirely gone because his body absorbed it like a sponge! The gentleman who performed the tests was very thorough and took his time to answer all of our questions and most importantly he was not pushy. We were sold instantly and were excited to learn they were able to install the system quickly and get us started on cleaner water.

The plumber was right on time, professional and took his time to ensure a proper installation. Once we emptied the hot water tank we immediately noticed a difference in the water. When we took a shower the water was so soft and didn't feel harsh on our skin anymore. We were also given free soap – which we love.I am not exaggerating when I say that after a shower my husband and I both feel cleaner, more refreshed and our skin doesn't feel dry anymore. We have even noticed our hair isn't frizzy and dry. I was told I wouldn't see spots on my dishes, which has also proved true. We had he Reverse Osmosis system installed so that I don't have to lug large empty jugs for water to the store anymore. The convenience of having clean drinking water readily available has been priceless, not to mention the water tastes great! I know most people who love something don't take the time to write a review but I wanted to make sure I did. I have experienced nothing but exceptional customer service from the Olathe location and the WaterMax has exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Hague's WaterMax to everyone. I strongly encourage everyone to let Hague test their water for free – you have nothing to lose!” – Makda
“Absolutely the best customer service around. Excellent service techs . No bull. If there is a problem they show you what it is and explain it so you can make the decition of how to proceed.” – Bartow
“We lease from this service and it is wonderful. They deliver exactly what they say and the staff is helpful and tries to work through any problems and or concerns. Guests to our home always comment on how soft and how good our water is. The service is excellent concerning the maintenance of the product and the equipment. Great job Hague!” – Blackwells
“I've been a customer of Hague Water services for several years, and have been very pleased. They are very good at reminders of annual maintenance checks, and whether on the phone or in person, whoever I speak with is helpful and considerate. Thank you!” – Lauren I.
“We've had our system for 7 years and are very pleased with it ! We love the taste of OUR water-- so much so that we REfill water bottles instead of buying new ones! And it's nice to know that our good water is all throughout our house--all faucets and showers. Good water and good service.” – Yellowpage Review
“The service rep that came to our house in Northwest Missouri was very helpful and saved me from spending money on equipment that was not necessary. He could have fed me a line and my ignorance on the equipment would have fell for it hook line and sinker. He saved me over 100 dollars and my equipment is fully operational and working great. Thanks Hague of Olathe.” – Yellowpage Review
“I have been a customer of Hague Quality Water for over 8 years, using the same water softener system since we first became customers. We've never had any problems with the equipment and we always depend upon the courteous employees to provide us with reminder calls when the annual charcoal replacment and maintenance is needed. We have also used their reverse osmosis filtration system in a previous home, and we were always pleased with the taste of the water from that system. I highly recommend Hague Quality Water and will continue to be a customer of theirs since they have proven that they value their customers and offer a high level of customer satisfaction.” – T. Davis
“We have had the system for about 13 years and have not had any problems with the product or service. Would install in my next house.” – Mara D.

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